Hi Quinn and all,


I am looking forward to participating for the first time. Can I just check that I have the right time for Europe:


Best Henriette


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Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 at 19.46
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Subject: “Becoming a parent” call 9/20


Hi all,


Our first call in a while will be this Friday, 9/20, at 9 AM Pacific / 11 Central / 12 Eastern in the US, about becoming a parent in DH. The Zoom link is Please come if you’re interested (and it’s not at an awful time of day for you)!


We don’t have a topic scheduled yet for October — please let me know if you’d like to organize a call, and I can add it to the website.


I haven’t heard anything back from ADHO yet about our SIG proposal, but it sounds like it might be a while. If we are able to get SIG status before 11/1, does someone want to try to propose a workshop? (And/or if it’s not looking good by early October, does anyone want to try to submit a workshop to the conference for DH-WoGeM?) We could also put in a poster proposal — dress-poster optional this time around. Let me know if you’d like to help organize some kind of DH conference submission — remember, the deadline is a little earlier this year, October 15th.






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