Hi all,

Thanks for the additional comments and signatures on the ADHO SIG proposal! I’ve been in touch with Brian Croxall (the ADHO secretary) and it sounds like the COB (new primary administrative body) is still trying to sort out how it gets things done, but will probably be voting on business via email. They’ve got a number of things to take care of, and a SIG proposal won’t be the highest priority, so the sooner we can get it in, the more likely we’ll be to be able to put in a request for DH 2020 (that form has a November 1 deadline).

For that reason, I’ll be planning to submit the SIG proposal at the end of my day (Pacific time) on Tuesday. If you haven’t had a chance to sign yet, or encourage colleagues to sign, please pass it along! I’ll be sending out tweets from the @DHWoGeM account trying to get more signatures today, over the weekend, and Monday/Tuesday. If you could retweet if you come across one, that would be great!


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