Hi all,

We thought we'd write with a quick update on the poster for the DH2019 poster session. Also it is not too late for anyone who will be present but hasn't let us know to join us for the poster session if you would like to.

We have drafted some text for the poster based on the abstract that was accepted, plus some quotes from the write-ups from the discussions that DH-WoGeM has held so far.

However, in a fit of creativity, we thought it would be super fun to print the poster onto fabric instead of cardboard, and turn it into a dress. Katie has volunteered to wear it during the poster session, and we intend to put it on a skeleton which Quinn will bring (which I hope for her sake at customs is plastic) for the rest of the time. 

We have also been thinking about printing / creating other wearable items that other DH-WoGeM members (both current and future) can wear or take during the event. We thought about ties (in order to not be too traditionally feminine with the whole dress thing), and/or buttons/badges/pins (whatever you call them in your variety of English). 

So question 
1: Are you planning to be at DH2019?
2. Would you wear a WoGeM tie and/or button?
3.  Do you have any creative ideas for what a WoGeM button might say on it? (The dress and potentially the ties could fit a whole ton of text so we can potentially use the whole poster or write-up text verbatim; but a button needs a short and catchy line on it).

Please feel free to join us for this at DH2019 even if you haven't been able to be involved in the online discussions so far.


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