Hi Quinn,

It looks great! Thanks for doing this!

Also, just to clarify: if we want to hear people’s experiences about becoming a parent because we’re thinking about becoming one in the future, it’s still fine to join the call, right?





Joanna (Annie) Swafford

Digital Humanities Specialist

Tufts Technology Services



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Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 1:24 AM
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Subject: DH-WoGeM website & upcoming conversation


Happy new year, all!


I’ve got a very basic Jekyll website set up at www.dhwogem.org, which includes a brief paragraph about the group, and a page for the upcoming conversation I’m running later this month or at the beginning of February, about becoming a parent (pregnancy, maternity leave, coming back to work in DH, etc.).


Feedback always welcome, but I’m planning on starting a publicity push for the Jan/Feb conversation about the upcoming conversation, so sooner rather than later would be great. (The photo for the website was the best I could find in my own collection — if you’ve got a better one, please send it along!)






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